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View Thread: SuperFetch in windows 7, does it really do any good work ?
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    Checking whether SuperFetches intellegent caching mechanisms are benficial for your personal usage can be pretty easy. Just disable the service, and then reboot the system.

    Go to the Service Configs and make the sysmain service disabled, and then reboot the system.

    After that launching processes that require executables (dlls, exes) to be read from disk will take longer. However, on systems without memory pressure executables used hors/days ago will still be in memory. To understand the impact of memory pressure you could run a large game that consumes most of physical memory and would cause these executables to be purged from RAm every few hours. Superfetch will pro-actively bring things back before you use them, where as use based caching will not.

    Also SuperFecth loads only teh parts of images that it has seen loaded into memory repetatively, and does not load the entire executable. Many of the other SuperFetch wannbe's load the entire executable into memory, wasting MB's of RAM per executable.