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View Thread: SuperFetch in windows 7, does it really do any good work ?
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    Sven Groot

    , JohnQPublic wrote

    wow, first i'm a spammer and now i'm pretending to be somebody else.

    While i did expect this based on how other people were treated, it is still disappointing to be right.
    This microsoft community seem to be full of judgy people with preconceived opinions, among other things.

    No, we simply have a small number of very persistent trolls who have an established history of creating new accounts and pretending to be someone else for a while. This has made certain people unfortunately suspicious of anyone new who at first impressions (which you might not like but which for 99% of the world determine how a person is viewed) seems to have an anti-Microsoft stance.

    We've also had a history of spammers where one person asks a question and then a second person (same person with different username) answers it linking to the product they're trying to spam. Your first post simply looked a lot like that kind of post, which is where my initial reaction came from (and notice that I did give you the benefit of the doubt by attempting to answer your question).

    "Telling it how you observe it" is laudable in itself, but you have to admit that calling Microsoft evil and greedy in your very first post on a Microsoft-hosted forum is rather confrontational. Even more so as you've evidently been lurking here for a while and were aware of how this is perceived by the community. It was also contrary to the point of your question, because I understand from your follow-up posts that you were asking about (the lack-of) performance counters for SuperFetch, whereas your original post reads just as a complaint against SuperFetch apparently not working for you.

    Given that you knew this and say you expected this, then why did you choose to behave in such a confrontational way? The only thing that makes sense to me is because you wanted us to react that way to prove a point. And someone who is deliberately confrontational in order to provoke a reaction on forums is called a troll, in case you didn't know.

    If you have so much trouble with Internet communities (if it were just here it'd be different, but you make this sound like a common occurrence), maybe you should reconsider your own attitudes? If your usual modus operandi is to come on a forum and insult your hosts in your first post, then it doesn't surprise me that you've had negative experiences.