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View Thread: TWO instances MS Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable on Win764bit machine?
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    I'm wondering how it's possible that I have 2 versions of microsoft visual c++ 2005 redistributable.
    The strange thing is that the one with the newest install date has an older version number.
    I'm pretty sure this is something that the Rockstar Games Social Club application (or Grand Theft Auto 4 itself) installed. They both have the same install date.
    I uninstalled the game a few days ago and I don't think it uninstalled correctly.

    Is it possible for me to just remove the one with the old version number OR can I remove it all and re-install MS Visual C++ Redistributable again?
    If so, what would I download for a Win764bit machine?
    Here's some screenshots with version numbers and install dates.

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    Generic Forum Image