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Tracking Skeleton with Kinect

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    Hi to all,

    i'm using Kinect to track a user but i not understand very well how it works.

    Actually i'm using the information in skeleton array obtained by the AllFramesReady event: I store the trackID of the skeleton (with TrackingState==SkeletonTrackingState.Tracked )that i want to track, by this way my apllication works, but my question is:

    Should i use the ChooseSkeleton(id) method? why?
     If i try to use it i obtain always the same error " API has returned an exception from an HRESULT: 0x83010005"

    Can someone explain to me which approach should i to follow?




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    Check if Kinect.SkeletonStreams.AppChoosesSkeletons is TRUE or FALSE. I had the same issue, and I set it to true earlier but somehow it is false, and that's when I receive the error. Also, if you catch the exception and then output the exception.ToString() you get a lot of information on the error.

    Now to find out why it is becoming false. I know the first post is a little old but hopefully this response helps someone along the way.

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    Follow your heart.  Errors are for the brain.

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