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View Thread: Unhandled Exception in Unity3D Windows Store Project
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    I created a Unity3D project and built it as Windows Store C# XAML app. Things didn't work right. So I created a new empty project. I aligned my view with the view of the Main Camera and created a cube at its default position so that it can be seen in the Game View. I again built this project as Windows Store C# XAML adding the only Scene in build. I configured the target platform as x86 in Solution Configuration Properties after the solution was created.. When I tried to deploy it on Local Machine (I don't have any other tablet), I get the same problems as earlier.

    It loads up the splash screen of Unity3D. Then it shows error of unhandled exception. So I commented that line out and continued but that gave me another exception. I did the same thing again and more and more unhandled exceptions came up in the following order:

    36: appCallbacks = new AppCallbacks(false);    //FileNotFoundException
    59: appCallbacks.SetBridge(_bridge);           //NullReferenceException
    61: appCallbacks.SetSwapChainBackgroundPanel(mainPage.  GetSwapChainBackgroundPanel());     //NullReferenceException
    64: appCallbacks.SetCoreWindowEvents(Window.Current.Co  reWindow);   //NullReferenceException
    66: appCallbacks.InitializeD3DXAML();    //NullReferenceException

    All these exceptions occurred in file App.xaml.cs. In each exception first I have mentioned the line no. of the statement, then the statement and then the exception that occurred.

    After commenting all the above statements, the app runs successfully but nothing shows up (only a black screen). Also when I try to browse the solution folder, I do not recognise anything related to my Unity3D project (when I had created a full project in Unity3D). I can see noticeably the splash screen and logo images in Assets folder and Unity3D references in solution explorer. There were no assets, scripts etc. there in the solution folder.

    I am using Unity3D 4.2 and Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate.

    I have even seen the video at:

    But my errors don't occur in this video.