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View Thread: VS2012 Speed - Unintended feature?
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    Ion Todirel

    , GreyLensman wrote

    That is the reason for my question.  I have not been able to determine what is the source.  Purely based upon the symptoms it seems that each project in my workspace is getting recompiled after every reboot no matter if I am using it or not.  I could understand if I compile project "A" which has shared code with "B" and "C" if projects "B" and "C" get recompiled.  I can't understand why project "z" (a unrelated project) gets recompiled

    I suspect it is tied to TFS and the usage of local workspaces by VS 2012.  GIven I have no formal training on TFS I suspect it but cannot prove it.

    Does this happen just by opening Visual Studio? What if you don't open VS at all? Does it happen only if you open Visual Studio and build one of the projects? What if you just open Visual Studio and do no invoke any builds at all?