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    I wanted to view the source code for a program and downloaded Visual Studio 2010 Express.  The developer sent me his files, but when I try to load the project in C++ I get an error message stating that " Solution Folders are not supported in this version of the application.  Solution folder 'Solution Items' will be displayed as unavailable."


    The External Dependences, Header Files, Source Files and numerous Data Files all load and are viewable, but the main body of the code is missing.

    Either, I don't know what I am doing (which is probably the problem) or the actual code won't load.

    To the best of my knowledge, the project file was developed using the Full version of Visual Studio 2010 not the Express version.  Is this the problem?

    If this is the problem, will downloading the a full version on a 90 day trial basis allow me to open the project?

    I don't want to buy any software unless it will allow me to open the original program and learn how to modify it.