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WCF Contract first

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    Hello I am new to WCF development.

     Please suggest the correct approach.

    1. We have been provided an WSDL file by customer.
    2. We are required to implement the WSDL contract and expose the service for the customer.
    3. Customer is requesting the end points from us.
    4. We need to implement using .NET


    1. Would this be an WCF service? Any other choice?
    2. How to implement the contract on our side?
    3. How to add the data passed via the contract in our DB?


    Would appreciate is anyone who has done this to answer the above questions.

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    WCF can do this and is probably the best choice given your requirements.

    See for how to generate C# classes from the WSDL you have. That should give you a contract interface. To 'implement the contract' you create a service class implementing the generated interface and host that as a service.

    You'll likely need to use BasicHttpBinding as a binding type.

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