I am new to workflows and exploring different options to suite my requirement I had used following link to create my state machine workflow for form navigation:http://www.recneps.co.uk/downloads/MVCWorkFlow-Part2.pdf

This worked very well using 3.5 framework's state machine workflow library template. But due to some reason I have to move to WF4.0 and there I am not able to find the eventdrivenactivity or callexternalmethod activity which was the main pillar for my previous Workflow.

My main requirement is to navigate between multiple forms such as: form1--> <--form2--><--form3 i.e. from form 1 i can go to form 2 from form 2 i can go either go back to form 1 or next to form3 from form 3 i should be able to give option for user to move either to form 1 or form 2

Can anyone suggest me how this can be handled with some simple sample example?

Thanks for any help coming up.