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WP7 Virtual Remote can access PCs over a network without using UDP?

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    This app can communicate from WP7 device to PC over the network.
    WP7 doesn't let developers use UDP at the moment which I'd love to see so people can start making MIDI/OSC controller apps, but anyway...

    How does Virtual Remote app do it, I wonder?
    If any of you have tested it, I wonder if the method they used has acceptable latency for use as a MIDI controller?

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    Nothing in that app suggests anything that can't be done with HTTP. Media streaming can be done by constantly GETting tiny chunks of a media file, for example. And sending commands to the computer is similarly done with requests.

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    It's just disappointing that people can't use UDP yet because there's e already lots of software that uses it especially when it comes to MIDI controllers (which there are almost too many of for iOS). Having to use some other method would mean re-writing lots of stuff that already exists.

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