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WP7 app -> Wi-Fi -> NET2MIDI -> MIDI-YOKE -> DAW - would it be possible?

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    I know people have made WP7 apps that turn them into remote controls of sorts for controlling Media Center, t-shirt shooting robots, etc Smiley

    At the moment it looks like every other iPad app is a midi controller of some sort for controlling music apps and they seem to have good latency. Most of them use OSC (Open Sound Control)because it's already setup for sending information over networks but there's no reason it couldn't just be regular MIDI. TouchOSC is even available on Android now.

    Yesterday I found a tiny desktop app called NET2MIDI which simply listens to a port and sends the data it receives to a MIDI port (either a REAL or a VIRTUAL MIDI port like MIDI-YOKE). It was designed to work in conjunction with it's companion program called MIDI2NET to send MIDI data from one computer to another over a network.

    Does anyone know if it's possible at the moment with WP7 V.1 to, for example, create an app with a vertical slider that outputs a value from 0 to 127 and have it send that over Wi-Fi to a computer running NET2MIDI?

    The data would need to look like standard midi CC messages so along with the 0-127 there would simply be a MIDI channel from 0-15 and a CC# etc.
    OSC controllers use UDP for this kind of thing.

    All the virtual MIDI and audio software parts are simple, it's the sending data over networks from phones part that I don't know anything about Smiley

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    Dr Herbie

    It is possiblt to connect to the desktop through WP7 using HTTP : you have to set up your desktop system as an HTTP server and from WP7 you have to enter the desktop's IP address. I cannot for the life of me find the postI read months ago on how to do this Sad


    EDIT : Found it! is about file transfers, but the principal is the same for data streaming.

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    I just found this too.
    This person seems to want to do something similar too.

    It looks like HTTP and HTTPS are the only way of communicating from WP7 to desktop so no UDP like most MIDI controllers do at the moment Sad

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    @dentaku: So you're turning the phone into a control surface of some sort? That's a great idea.

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    , spivonious wrote

    @dentaku: So you're turning the phone into a control surface of some sort? That's a great idea.

    The thing is, it's been done a million times already on iOS and they're getting incredibly professional looking. Entire magazines have been devoted to iOS music apps.

    SO... This afternoon I did some tests with Toybear's MIDI2NET and NET2MIDI. I ran MIDI2NET on a desktop with a MIDI controller keyboard attached to it and sent its data to a laptop at / port 55555 which was running NET2MIDI and sending the signal out to the standard MS Wavetable GS synth and IT WORKED. I was actually controlling an instrument over Wi-Fi.
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    The trick now is to replace the desktop with a WP7 phone Smiley

    TouchAble, for example, is specifically made for controlling Ableton Live and unlike plain MIDI, OSC lets the app receive text information from the computer so track names, volume levels and such show up on the mobile device too. It's not just one way.

    but that's fancier than what I'd expect to see at the moment.

    Most of them use UDP to send OSC messages over the network then the OSC sometimes gets converted into standard MIDI before being sent over a virtual MIDI port to whatever application you want to control. On OSX you can simply use the IAC bus included in the OS but in Window you would use MIDI-Yoke to set up virtual MIDI cables.

    WP7 doesn't seem to be able to use UDP so I guess it would have to be done some other way OR we can hope that someday soon there will be a WP7 update that adds UDP support. iOS even has Core MIDI now so I guess v.1.0 of WP7 has allot of catching up to do but considering iOS is at 4.2 and Android is at 3.0 it's to be expected.

    Someday hopefully someone will at least make something similar to this on WP7.
    (without the use of Bonjour of course)

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    i've been playing with the new ios app control. this is the future of open, configurable control surfaces:

    iOS is light years ahead of wp7 and android when it comes to real-time audio and video apps.

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    Yup, Control is almost exactly what I've been imagining for a long time now. One problem is that most programmers don't have a clue about MIDI. To them they think MIDI has something to do with cheezy old bleepy/bloopy sounds we used to hear in the day of DOS when in fact MIDI has nothing to do with sound.

    Even this WP7 app would be nice if it could send MIDI data to a computer running a virtual instrument. There's no need to have the app make sound in that case.

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