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WPF and assembly references

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    Say I have a WPF application in a project called "Application". The application uses a control from a WPF user control library called "UserControls". One of the controls in that library uses a control from a third library called "ThirdLibrary". The UserControls library has a reference to the ThirdLibrary assembly, the control and its child control from ThirdLibrary shows up in the designer, and everything compiles just fine.

    However, when you run the application, a runtime exception is thrown because the ThirdLibrary assembly can't be find. To remedy this, you need to manually add a reference to ThirdLibrary in the Application assembly as well. Why can't the compiler figure this out for itself?

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    If it did figure this out wouldn't that mean that the top level binary compile directory would contain all the dependencies set to "copy local" for the full stack?  I guess it would.  What would then happen if a project in the middle of the dependency stack were built? Should the newly built binary be pushed up the tree to the compile directories for the higher level binary directories?

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