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WPF animation + resolution issues

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    Something I've noticed with WPF is that animations tend to be jittery on the apps I develop. Basic label animations may work but here's the scenario I tried to create which ended up in disaster.

    |            |
    |_______|   <--- |another canvas|

    Without shifting from one window to another i wanted to create the whole experience of panels sliding in and out within one window. so I'd have one canvas being displayed and on click of a button that whole canvas with all its GUI components would slide left and the next set would come in from the right. 

    Problem is, the animation was about as smooth as driving through a pothole without suspension.

    It jittered, it skipped frames it sucked. 

    I thought there was something wrong with my machine which is mid range laptop, but then it happened on my friend's spanking new laptop as well. 

    Later I connected the machine to the projector to demo the software and it automatically made my resolution 1024 by 768 (not the ideal). And then the animation worked much smoother. I headed to the university lab machines which run natively at 1024 by 768 and discovered that animations were really smooth.


    So am I doing something wrong here? Or is this a fault of WPF? I've run other WPF software by MS and their animations work fine on my machine though (messenger for example). This really matters for me since I am working on an app that will need a classy GUI (think like Seesmic) and I can't have it messing up like this. 

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    The obvious question at this point is how are you doing the animations?

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    through expression blend. created the animations and them triggers all using the blend UI.

    edit - as for specific details, since my animation knowledge comes from a Flash background, I had all the components inside the panel and when I wanted to do the animation I added a keyframe 2 seconds away and then shifted both panels to the left. so the panel that was in the root layout vision originally got pushed out while the one out of vision came sliding in.

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    @eddyissa:What OS are you using? I believe that WPF isn't hardware accelerated on XP. I could be totally wrong though.

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    @spivonious:They are also a source of severe memory leaks that are not reproducible on Vista or Win 7.

    Animations are the No 1 thing to be very careful with.

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    the OS is windows 7. Is it possible that since everything was on an absolute layout scheme that it caused a huge overhead to render the whole thing?

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