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Web Platform Installer 3.0 and Windows Phone development

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    Doctor Who

    I'm trying to set myself up for new Windows Phone development, and have found that I'm out of date. One thing I'm adding is Windows Azure, and man, am I out of date on installation stuff. After installing the things for push notification it asking me about Web Platform Installer 3.0, with 5 items: Application Request Routing 2.5, IIS 7 Recommended Configuration, VS 2010 SP1 (I'm pretty sure I've already got this), Python Tools for VS 2010, and Windows Azure SDK for Node.js - May 2012. I might add the Windows Azure SDK for Node.js, only because I've been hearing so much about Node.js recently in podcasts, but I'm not sure which of the other 4 I should add for push notifications for the phone. What do you recommend?

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