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What is the option "Turn on feed reading view" in IE?

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    I'm working through a training tutorial on VS 2010.  In the tutorial it has me uncheck the checkbox next to the option Turn on feed reading view, which is under the Tools | Internet Options | Content tab in Internet Explorer (I'm using IE9 now).

    So, what does checking Turn on feed reading view mean?  What does it mean to uncheck it?

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    @RodAtWork: I believe it enables the feed reading page when you open a feed. Otherwise it displays just the XML. It's also in IE8 (and I believe in IE7 as well).

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    Thank you, spivonious.

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    # Click on the Tools menu.
    # Select Internet Options from the dropdown menu.
    # Click on the Content tab on the Internet Options property screen.
    # Click on the Settings button of Feed section to bring up the Feed and Web Slice Setting dialog box.
    # Uncheck the check box for Turn on feed reading view.
    # Click OK button to close all of the open dialog boxes.
    # Restart Internet Explorer.

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