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What issues may arise, when upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8?

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    I've got Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my desktop.  I've been thinking about upgrading to Windows 8 Pro.  Since this is my development machine, there's things I'm very concerned about.  I want to do an in-place upgrade, which (as I understand it) should allow me to keep all of my applications installed, settings, etc., like Office 2010.  However, what about things like Visual Studio 2008 & 2010?  And I've got SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer Edition installed as well.  Do they come across OK, or will I encounter problems?  I'm asking because a friend of mine, who is a student and has Dream Spark, had Windows 7 with VS 2012 install, but after upgrading it to Windows 8 Pro, according to him, VS 2012 failed to work.  Other applications he had, like MalwareBytes, etc., stopped working as well.

    So, is this upgrade only sort of a partial process?

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    @RodAtWork: I don't know about VS2012, but VS2010 came across fine for me during the beta. The upgrade advisor should let you know about anything to expect.

    I did a clean install with the final release.

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    I did an upgrade to Pro myself and had only one application issue, my antivirus didn't want to comply.  I would assume that the issue your friend had with VS 11 for win7 not working is due to the difference in functionality between win7 and win8, and the winRT APIs becoming available.

    Just me, and I'm a self proclaimed ubernerd, but I would go for it.  Do a fresh install of VS2012 as well just to limit any weirdness.  Everything else has worked wonderfully, I even regained some video card functionality having lost it during an update to win7.  Been coding more than ever since the upgrade too.

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    Doctor Who

    I'm just about ready to do this.  I've got a couple more questions I need answered.  First, I've got Quicken 2012. When I ran the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant it didn't mention anything at all about Quicken. Does anyone know if it will work or not? (I'm going to go to Windows 8 Pro.)

    Second question concerns my anti-virus. I'm using Bitdefender Internet Security 2013. I'm assuming that any AV will interfer with an attempt to upgrade to Windows 8, so what steps do I take to prevent that?

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    I needed to install the WP8 SDK so I did just that yesterday, and I have VS 2005, VS 2008, VS 2010 and VS 2012 on my system (amongst many other applications). The upgrade advisor told me there were issues with VS 2005, VS 2008, VS 2010 SP1 and a whole bunch of VS components (like remote debuggers, etc). I did the upgrade anyway, and when I ran VS 2012 it automatically downloaded and installed an update. I tested VS 2010 and VS 2012 and both seem to work fine.

    My main issue was that XP Mode no longer works, and I can't enable Hyper-V on my system because it doesn't support SLAT. A warning that XP Mode would stop working would have been nice, but I can live without it I guess.

    My system still takes about 3.5 minutes to boot. Before the upgrade it took about 5 minutes. I usually do clean installs but this time I just didn't have the time/energy to go through a complicated re-install of everything (many music applications with dozens of plugins, many with their own convoluted installers). I can live with a slow boot until I'm ready to do an actual clean install at a later time.


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    @RodAtWork:Make sure you updated your display driver to latest version before upgrading. I've seen people report that the old driver doesn't like Win8 and caused quite some problem (hang when boot), and the problem gone when he finally got the display driver updated.

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    I'm upgrading to windows 8 pro on my new windows 7 laptop. While checking for incompatible apps, there is "never shutdown" app that needs to uninstalled manually. But i can not find a way to uninstall/find the apps in Control Panel or any other way. 


    Any help is appreciated!

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