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View Thread: What issues may arise, when upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8?
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    I've got Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my desktop.  I've been thinking about upgrading to Windows 8 Pro.  Since this is my development machine, there's things I'm very concerned about.  I want to do an in-place upgrade, which (as I understand it) should allow me to keep all of my applications installed, settings, etc., like Office 2010.  However, what about things like Visual Studio 2008 & 2010?  And I've got SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer Edition installed as well.  Do they come across OK, or will I encounter problems?  I'm asking because a friend of mine, who is a student and has Dream Spark, had Windows 7 with VS 2012 install, but after upgrading it to Windows 8 Pro, according to him, VS 2012 failed to work.  Other applications he had, like MalwareBytes, etc., stopped working as well.

    So, is this upgrade only sort of a partial process?