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Where in VS 2012 is the Toast Capable

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    I have Professional, I am trying to follow the Contoso cookbook series to learn the VS 2012 Store app programming.. For some reason my Package.appmanifest is totally different then the Video I don't know if it is due to the edition I am running or due to update changes..

    The video shows the Application UL to be longer where you need to scroll more through it and all logos as well as the Toast capability and lock screen notification are all on their own line.

    Mine have the logos & splash screen in a list box and you choose one to bring up it's attributes, but there is nothing on the Toast capability or lock screen in the list box or anywhere else on the screen.. 

    I tried searched for info on this and saw none..


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    Ion Todirel

    how about posting a link to the video and the sample?

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    Application UI tab > All Image Assets > Notifications

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