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View Thread: Will applying updates make sure that there's enough space to apply the update?
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    I've got a server that is very low on disk space, on the C: drive.  It's a critical server, that we're working on replacing, but still need to rely on it.  In order to free up disk space, I've rebooted it in an effort to get a couple 100 MB back.  Normally this works, but today when I attempt to do it, for some stupid reason it is installing some update (I have no idea which one, how large, etc).  I'm concerned that there might not be enough disk space on C: to install this update, that it will sit there for hours, perhap says, attempting to install this update, etc.  I'd like to know, as a rule, do updates that insist upon being installed, always make certain that there's enough disk space to install, or do they totally ignore irrelevant things like making certain there's enought free disk space so they can be applied?