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Windows Activation Scare

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    Suddenly my legitimate Win7 Pro popped up a message saying it was not genuine, and I needed to reactivate.

    I reentered my product key, and it said that it was no good, and directed me to go online to purchase a new product key!

    I was getting ready to raise hell with someone, when I retried the product activation wizard after rebooting, and it finally re-activated my copy.

    Has anyone else experienced this?  What could be the cause?

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    Don't know, but things like this are why Activation and other anti-piracy schemes are pure evil, IMHO.

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    I've seen it in cases where file corruption existed.

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    @RichA: It happened to me once. Rebooting fixed it.

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    Had an issue likes this a couple of days ago. A simple reboot fixed the problem - might be a glitch.

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