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Would it be better to use Easy Transfer to move everything over, or just copy it across the network?

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    I'm setting up a new developer box for myself here at work.  Reluctantly, I've decided to stay with Windows 7 (long story). My old box is a Windows 7 machine as well. I've installed Office, SQL Server Developer Edition and SQL Express. Now I'm working on installing the various Visual Studios we use, third party tools, etc. I have both machines in my office, and intend to keep the old one around. If you haven't used Microsoft Garage's Mouse Without Borders, I strongly recommend it, if you have 2 or more Windows machines on your desk.

    The one thing I'm not as sure about is getting all of my documents, music, etc., from the old machine onto the new one. Before I started I ran Windows Easy Transfer to create a file which I could use move that information from one machine to the other, but now I'm wondering if it would be better just to copy stuff off of my old machine onto the new on across the network. I know this is a personal preferences thing, but I'd like to know what people thing on why on this issue.

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    @RodAtWork: Since you already have the file, you may as well use it. I'm not sure if there's a huge difference though.

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