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View Thread: XAML Abuse - Dynamic XAML generation?
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    I'm just starting to get my feet wet with XAML/WPF. What I want to get a feel for is if the code drives the XAML or if the XAML drives the code. So let's say I load a file, and I want to generate UI elements based on that file - is that something XAML can handle?

    Just to be clear I'm not talking about databinding or similar. I am talking about literally being able to generate a new Text Box at runtime. This is something VB6 and C#/forms could handle with extreme reluctance (VC++ could handle VERY easily). Is XAML better suited to this kind of thing?

    Just to be clear what I'm getting at - I want to know if, in theory, I could push all of my XAML out to an external file and pull that in on launch and that would be the UI of the application? Or if the user could select a theme from several and it would build the UI without a restart?