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designing functions in Mathematica

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    In a couple of videos Brian Beckman has mentioned that he uses  Mathematica to design and test functions (and maybe algorithms).  I'm curious about what he means by designing functions in this way.  

    The latest Beckman Meijer Overdrive, The Lambda Calculus, General Term Rewriting and Food Nutrition, mentions creating or converting from another language  a function in Mathematica to ensure that it's a "good" function, then converting it to  the production language such as C.  Is that what he has designing functions in Mathematica, or is their more to it.  

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    Hi c_str -- yes, that's about it. I will often write my algorithms in Mathematica, prove them correct using a combination of symbolic, graphical, and numerical methods, and then rewrite the algorithms by hand in C or C# or JavaScript or whatever is needed with more than usual confidence. I am currently blogging a series of exercises in this technique using three languages: Prolog, Mathematica, and LINQ / C# at You're invited to pop over there and play along.

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    Thanks for the clarification about how you're using Mathematica to prove algorithms correct.   I'll be sure to check out the the series on your blog.





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