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eventtype clr20r3 error

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    Hello all.

    Seems I have encountered the dreaded clr20r3 error in my windows service app. Upon checking up on this error via google, it seems this is commonly encountered upon deploying and starting up a service app. One of the things that puizzles me in my situation is that I can deploy and start the service just fine, but this error seems to occur when processing XML input. Rolls merrily along, then, BAM, get the error when processing an XML input.

    I'm using Castle/NHibernate and processing continual XML input files.

    Another oddity is that I have robust error handling, which seems to work just fine, checking for IOException, UnauthorizedAccessException, etc, until finally funnelling into the generic "catch all" System.Exception error type, which seems to effectively work as a catch all in other types of errors. This error I'm encountering seems to bypass the catch all, and shut down the service upon encountering the error. The exact error is:

    EventType clr20r3, P1 servicename.exe, P2, P3 4cf50862, P4 castle.activerecord, P5, P6 46f2e517, P7 3d4, P8 78, P9 1q3qp3zek1hy4m3kh0g5hxxfttve1swn, P10 NIL.

    Any ideas? This seems to be troublesome for a lot of people I've discovered, though usually in service startup, rather than input processing.


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