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  • Microsoft Help Viewer - New Help System in Visual Studio 2010

    tbaxter >> I absolutelly agree! When I entered that "help system" for the first time I thought that there is something bad with my VS installation or that it is not present in Beta 2, so they temporarily redirect me to the internet (and incorrectly). Then I realized that the address in browser is localhost! How do you dare to steel My port 80!? This will prevent me from using local help on my machine at work.

    Help Library Manager >> This "application" looks like when brought from some children-targeted application. It has absolutelly un-VisualStudio look and user experience. For so few options it provides one form is perfectly engough (when used by developer) no plenty of something-between-wizard-and-popup. Why it is not modal and constanly opens in background?

    UI in general >> Since release of Office 2007 every change Microsf have done to user interface upset me.

    • Office 2007 - absolutelly incustomizable UI
    • IE7/8 - no menu
    • Window 7 - no desktop toolbars, not Media Player toolbar, no QuickLaunch, no texts on taskbar buttons, popup systray
    • Visual Studio 2010 - no drag & drop editing toolbar, no custom icons for menu/toolbar items, no floating toolbars, impossible to use ALT+number when typing name of menu item, some missing commands and no help system - no index, no help inside visual studio, constantly openning new tabs in Fire-Fox, help opens in same window as application I debug, no dynamic help, no help favorites.

    For everybody who wants read more complaints or complain more: https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?FeedbackID=505032 (16 votes on connect is quite high number).


    After I saw the video...

    • Browse familiar fashion - obviously form amy of us this is not familiar fashoin.
    • XHTML - well, I have never expected to see valid [X]HTML from Microsoft, but when mention in video I had to run validator on help. You can probably imagine result yourself.
    • Last point - becaus o being in browse I could not watch the video on one monitor ant experiment with help on the other.