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  • Microsoft will not save Nokia


    The latest hit came from China where phone vendors said they didn't want to sell domestic models running the Windows Phone, because they just struggle against the cheaper Android phones.

    I don't see how that's a "hit" for Nokia, but maybe the author is on medication today.

    At any rate, why doesn't Microsoft just give phone OEMs in China Windows 8 mobile licensing for free?

    They wanna win don't they? Why are they being so stupid with all this licensing that nobody really wants, especially not Chinese factories.

    Just let go of the old ways, and compete. Then tell us about it as it's happening.

  • Will the need to buy new apps hurt Microsoft Surface?


    I want to chime in and say that iPhone apps on the iPad look like pixelated sh1t when upscaled.

    Not saying that has anything to do with buying an iPad as the thread suggests, but it had to be said.

  • Microsoft continues to please their existing customers


    True, but the whole basis for the artificial inflation of the tech companies such as the one you used in your example is fueled by a pyramid of shills, private partnerships and undisclosed subsidiaries largely spearheaded by Sand Hill Road.

    The public is meticulously primed for a pump which they themselves get dumped on.

    I'm talking about the entire equities market

    But it's never as exaggerated as it is in the tech sector. 

  • Microsoft continues to please their existing customers


    Why do you think Sand Hill Road made such a concerted effort to destroy traditional press?

    They conspired to control everything, and now they're trying to go after Hollywood. They're literally unable to see people as anything but chess pieces. That's how bad Sand Hill Road is and they've made enough money not to stop in the foreseeable future. So you're going to get more of what you described at a higher amplification until their business model starts to turn on them.

    Their pump and dump capital pipeline is so engrained in America now it's practically irremovable.


  • Bank heads will roll : LIBOR

    that's simply shocking....

    Isn't ripping people off why people get into the banking industry in the first place?

    Like you're going to go through 4 years of accounting CPA and MBA training to have a boring @ss job at a bank.

  • Windows Home Server and SBS Standard Are Dead

    I think WHS was based on thinking there was a retail market for people who watch Revision 3 and hak5 using Linux servers at home.

    They confused the interest in hobby hacking as a profitable market they could exploit.

  • Gates: Apple may have to make a Surface-like device

    They developed both devices and operating systems, with a fairly predictable cadence

    iPad was released in April 2010, iPad 3rd gen was release March 7, 2012

    3 iPad generations in 22 months.

    I never thought Apple's cycle was predictable to anybody but them.

    That's why they have all the traffic light BS at MacRumors


  • Gates: Apple may have to make a Surface-like device


    I think that he has probably used an iPad, to the extent that he desperately wanted to find the aspects that Microsoft first pioneered

    I think Bill is the type of person who would never let themselves "fall in love" with an iPad to the point where he would use it and accept it in his every day life, THEN build a list of useful features for his own device. I also think he hand picked people at Microsoft who are also largely like this.

    If you do that when the device is released and you've had one for 2-3 years, you'd quickly realize that surface is a bad idea at this point and time. It's not like a console where there is a huge effort and partnerships with closed loop game companies and long iteration cycles.

    Tablets are super fast iteration cycle devices like phones.

    I think the glasses are going to be exactly the same.

  • Gates: Apple may have to make a Surface-like device


    "He did some things better than I did," admitted Microsoft's co-founder. Gates referenced Jobs' timing and "the package that he had put together."

    What about this?

    What about the fact that this isn't timely?

    Google glasses are timely. It sounds like Bill hasn't extensively used an iPad or Android tablet device to be saying these things. Like he hasn't used them in every day life as a normal person would.

    Apple having to create a Surface-like device was "a strong possibility."

    I believe he said this, but it sounds extremely incredulous.

    Similar rhetoric:


    The last thing you want to do for a shared-use computer is have it be something without a disk... and with a tiny little screen

    unless it's surface right?

    It would have been way funnier had Bill been the chairman of a toothpick company. I would have loved his commercials and ploys to sell toothpicks.

  • Gates: Apple may have to make a Surface-like device


    Gates claimed that he'd had the idea for tablets "way too early."

    No, they just did it wrong. And they're doing it wrong again.

    I'm going to make a bold assertion that Bill Gates doesn't even believe the things he says to the press. There's no way Apple(or Google for that matter) is going to wreck their design to copy Microsoft and he knows it. It sounds to me like he wants to make people who he believes are fans of Microsoft think that Apple wants to copy it.