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  • Mitch Muenster & Dante Gagne - Developing with Disabilities

    You may want to change 'handicaps' to 'disabilities' in the description.

  • Ping 176: Windows Phone goes mainstream, Best ad ever, Facebook Beta app, MS exec makes a difference

    I loved the phone wars commercial.  I just roll my eyes at these iDroid users.  (Did I just coin a new term - iDroid?)

    One thing that I think Microsoft needs to do (and it has little to do with its products) is that they need to produce more commercials that actually explains what people can do with its products.  (Microsoft has done more of this lately and I am glad.)

    I live in a big city where there are lots of people commute by train.  I think it would be a huge selling point if people saw that they could do real work as well on their commute using a tablet / convertible / Windows Phone in Microsoft Office.

    Highlight live tiles in a commercial.

    I found that a lot of my time is spent correcting the misinformation that's out there.