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  • Ping 161: Scroogled, Xbox sales, Windows Store wins, IE 10 trolls

    @Paul II: Great point.  Was clearly thinking solely from a consumer of the content perspective.  I will work to start posting comments moving forward.  Especially since it appears that they are actually read.  Too often it is a "one way street" with regards to comments in this manner.  Looking forward to the further development of the Ping community. 

  • Ping 162: Life after Microsoft, Imagine Cup, Horror stories, Win8 app creator

    Freeze.  Smiley

    Imagine cup is awesome.  I am always amazed at the results.  I find it both inspiring and motivating.  I'm impressed by Microsoft's continued support to highlight the next generation of technologist.

    It certainly has been a couple years since I wrote code.  That said, picked up VS2012 and looking forward to developing "something" for Win8 and WinPho8.

    On the pot issue, as long as it is regulated in an acceptable manner I don't have any issues with it being legal. It will be interesting to see how the industry grows and expands from the illegal to legal status change.  I am also curious to see what the impact on the laws in states that still maintain pot as illegal. 


  • Ping 161: Scroogled, Xbox sales, Windows Store wins, IE 10 trolls

    Commenting on comments, wondering what the primary goal of the show is if not the actual content of the show.  Comments are nice and in some cases are even clever and funny.  But I watch the show for the show and not for the comments. 

    I continue to enjoy the show and have seen every episode but have not commented before.  That said, I can be bought with a "9 Guy" to post a comment on each episode.  Big Smile