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  • What's Microsoft Speech Server (Beta)?

    My Name is Raju.A.K, working as .Net programmer and now i have to work with the new tech. of Speech server 2007. I have searched lots of websites for sample applications. it was great to see your tutorial. its nice and i have gained lot and implemented a sample applications, but still i need to concentrate on more and more on controls,
    As I have developed application

    but i need to configure with telephone or SIP phone on the client machine can you please send me how to deployee application and test the application from the client machine by configuring with particular call party number. so that i can test the applications.
    I would also like to have some sample applications to work on all the controls. Please help me if any links provided by your site or any video tutorials, i feel great thankful to your team.
    If any books on speech server 2007, i would like to download or purchase the books

    Thanks & Regards