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  • Duncan Lawler - Virtual Earth 3D: What. How. Why.

    Hmmm... so many possibilites.

    Once the controler model is exposed there would be so much you can do -

    For example - a real autoracing game - race thru the REAL streets of the city.

    Or a controler that has real aerodynamics built in...

    And if the 3d models on the map support hit testing... You'd be able to detect collisions with buildings around the airport etc...

  • Virtualization

    Regarding the Hypervisor architecture.

    Do you install a specialized HAL (like you do for different bus architectures) if setup detects that it is installing on a pacifica platform. I would assume that cramming both a "enlightend" and a standard kernel into the whole code pipeline would make for some inefeciencies.
  • Virtualization

    -- EDIT --> Answered in the video.

    I don't understnad if I have hardware that has a 5% utilization rate then just add more apps to this server instance itself - instead of loping off another x percent for the virtualization software to run an entire new instance of the OS?

    The resources used are anyways going to the same actual hardware weather the source is an app running on the real os or a virtualized machine.

    Unless we are talking about reliability (don't want the PDC running on the Web server )- is that it?
  • Virtualization

    Whats about managment - When you are running 8 partitions on a hyper visor - is there one master partition? (I guess an especially "enlightend" partition)

    Would it have access to the other partitions (for example show virtual cpu utilization or screen shots like you have in the current VPC)

    If it does have access does that mean that if I break the master partition then I can control the others 
  • Singularity Revisited

    amotif wrote:

    Any chance Bartok and stand-alone compiled-to-native-code apps will happen on XP/Vista in the next five years. (Gratuitous, feel-good question.  Smiley)

    NGEN ?
  • SQL Server 2005 Trip Wires

    Isn't Drop Trigger a ddl event. How did it execute without firing the trigger?
  • Eddie Churchill - Biztalk's sexy new XSLT Mapper

    Is this a biz talk only solution - It sure would be nice to edit xslt's in vs
  • Clipster is here!

    Is it possible to add an additional bigger description box where the user can describe what exactly he finds so very compleing about that clip - and not just a short name
  • Bar Code Blitz

    Yooowzers --- Fast typing........
  • Mobiform at the 2005 PDC

    Does it pluginto C# Express?