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  • ACL Library for SQL server

    PerfectPhase wrote:

    Or if anyone has good links for designing our own?

    I don't really have any links to demonstrate but I have had to deal with this and this is how i went about it.

    We have a system where there are many service providers and many clients who use the system.  Clients apply to service providers to join their system and once approved by the SP they get acess to the info and services provided by that provider

    So we have many differnet combinations of clients/service providers.

    We implemented it like this.

    All connections to the database must go thru a central module. This module provides 3 services.
    1. ConnectionString Managment
    2. Leak detection
    3.  User ID Management

    When a user creates a connetion the module attaches to its state changed event - then when the state changes to opened the module does 2 things.
    1. Records the connection open time and the stack trace of where it was opened (I found this bit of good stuff on code project - unfortanatly I don't rembemer by who) - this list is periodiclly inspected for open connetions with a fingerprint to where the connectio0n started at.
    and finally
    2. set the session context on the user connection by executeing set Context_Info against that connection and passes the current user id

    Next. In the database we have a simple view that returns the ids of the service providers for which the user of the current connection has access to. The gist of the view is something like this:

    select SP_ID  a from SPs inner join PermissionList b on a,spid = b.spid where b.userid = GetCurrentUserID()

    (GetCurrentUserID is a fiunction that you need to create to retreive the context_info and convert it to a varchar)

    From here on in all data selections are done not against the data table but against another set of views which inner join the base tables sp_ID with the spid from the restriction view

  • Tapi via skype

    Hi all,

    We are a monitoring service that periodiclly calls around to a whole list of remote devices using standard POTS (regular phone) lines  and retreives reading/sends commands thru a standard terminal session.

    As it stands now we have 2 dedicated lines running out of a server in the office that do the actual dialing around  (with all the standard modem schreeching etc... ).

    We would like to move all this to the web. For example - right now clients get their device reports either by fax or email at the end of the day and they call (or email ,fax) changes they want made

    We want to go "hi-tech" , we want clients to be able to login to a website and view their latest reports there - at the same time they should be able to change the device parameters and initiate a on demand call to the device to update the parameters - then 5 minutes later they log back in and they initiate a call to see what the effects of that param change were etc..

    We also need more phone lines for our automated calls etc...  So we decided that it would be best to move to the web.

    woooo. That was a long intro....  Anyways to the point:
    The plan is to  locate a server at a datacenter and use skype to conduct the calls.

    Are there any tapi-skype bridging components for .net


  • hello from a new employee

    Zeo wrote:
    Hello new employee. I work at Microsoft too and have been here a year. Ping me, if you've got any questions.

    Channel 9er's rock, so come back and join in the discussions.

    Why don't you guys have the microsoft thingey next to your names

  • C9 Privacy bug?

    If you send a email to a user by clicking on the little envelope icon and the users email box is full then you get a bounce back to your mail address directly from the users server with the users email address.

    other cases that would casue this:
    Out of office messages
    Some spam filters

  • Suggestion For Desktop Search

    I was looking for a phrase some where on my hard drive - so naturally I used MSN Desktop Search - and I found the file that contains the phrase. A word document with > 5000 words.

    So these are the steps that I had to go thru to find the phrase I wanted.
    1. Type the search phrase into the msn bar at the bottom of the screen
    2. Wait for the result window to open
    3. Find the right file from all of the returned files
    4. Double click the file to open it.
    5. hit ctrl f in Microsoft word
    6. Retype the search phrase into Microsoft word
    7. Click Find to find the item.

    7 Steps to find something from the search bar. What if we could smoothen things out so that we could stop the process at 4.

    So that the process now is :
    1. Type the search phrase into the msn bar at the bottom of the screen
    2. Wait for the result window to open
    3. Find the right file from all of the returned files
    4. Double click the file to open it.

    at this point Word would open and immediately search for the search phase and highlight it.

    How do I suggest this happening? Like thus.
    Applications can define commands (verbs) to run against their associated document types so for example if you right click on a word document you would have Open,Edit,New,Print etc...

    My suggestion - apps would define another command type called "Search". When a user clicks on a document in the windows desktop search window then search will open the app passing the command line defined in the registry key and the name of the document and the search term.

    When the app (any app - I was using word as an example) - received the search command it will load the specified file and immediately do a search for the appropriate phrase.

  • MS: Buy HopStop

    HopStop (hopstop.com) .

    You enter your start point and destination and you get the best public transportation routes - by bus or train (subway etc...)
    (it even re-routes based on track construction)

    I have used it quit a bit but it exists in it's own island , it does not have image views etc.. of what the place should look like after I get off the train. etc...

  • MS: Buy HopStop

    Integrate it into live and you got an extreemly powerfull and usefull mapping product

  • asp.net 4.0 suggestion: Encrypted cookies

    Auto encrypted  and validated user cookies (just like the asp.net forms cookies are)

  • Vista and Office boxes revealed

    ZippyV wrote:
    Why can't they just use a standard dvd-box?

    My guess: (asides from the cool factor):

    It's hard for pirates to pass copies off as originals if the pagaging is non standard.

  • MS (sort of) ships source code with product

    I don't know who and how helpfull this would be too - but to see most of the source code to the new MS office accounting - Just load it up in Reflector.