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  • Oops, Googles mad at me

    rjdohnert wrote:
    ... They say its a violation of their Terms of Service yet nowhere in their terms of service does it say its not permitted for me to do such.  ...

    True.  Blogger TOS has no any word about Google also ! Pyra.com, Ltd. even was not allowed to share your contact information with Google

    Sue them !

  • C9 Euro members

    Cool.   But why thouse dots are not moving ? Wink

    I'm moving constantly - from one city to another 500km - and I'm the only lonely dot in my home city Wink

  • How C9 should record IPs -

    LOL... Are you kidding ?

    Never trust your headers. Some evil people can fake it. 

    As well - in HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR can be more that one IP or in some rare cases - total garbage.

  • Fun Puzzle: Next sequence of numbers

    Who cares about numbers ? 
    This is an ASCII photo of Moscow Kremlin !!

  • Reference Parameters in C#

    Trivial.  C# params by default are "in" params you pass reference to existing object and downcast allowed, also you can use "out" specifier to specify that you expect value returned and well you can use "ref" to specify that value is both in and out.

    In case if you have IFooBar then you can downcast to IFoo then pass as input param, but IFoo object returned from method can not casted to IFooBar sub-class.

    Check out this tiny example to understand why:

    interface IFoo { }
    class IFooBar : IFoo { }
    class IFooClub : IFoo { }

    class Program
        void DoFoo(ref IFoo param) {
            Random r = new Random();
            if (r.Next() % 2 == 0)
             param = new IFooClub();  
             param = new IFooBar(); 
        void DoFooMagic()
            IFooBar myFoo = new IFooBar();
            DoFoo(ref myFoo); // <-- Error it can be IFooClub too ;o)), 
                              //Need to save as IFoo and check return type 

  • C# or VB.NET? Which would you use and *why*?

    Why ? 

    Software based not only on technical reasoning - but also on politics ;o)

  • Microsoft antivirus

    ;o) In case if Microsoft will create Virus-Free OS then other AV companies and Virus-writers will sue.

    If I was virus writer and feeding my family from money I earn from sending spam messages - then I will sue Microsoft becouse they do not allow to support my family.  ;o)

  • Is VS.NET too expensive? I don't think so

    lars wrote:

    CNN: So far, the localized versions consist of Windows XP minus English language support."

    No buying cheap Windows from Thailand I guess.

    Wrong. Everybody start to study Thai alphabet ;o))

  • Is VS.NET too expensive? I don't think so

    AndyJ wrote:

    So you'd expect a grocer to sell you filet minion for $.10 a pound because that's what you say you could afford? Or you want to buy a new Lexus so why won't the dealer just take $200 bucks?
    Software is like any other product. It costs money to produce, and people produce it for a gain (profit in this case.) Why should MS or any other software company adjust its prices because of a potential user’s income?  ...

    Because Microsoft is a global company.

    As promised - pricing changes:

    CNN: Microsoft to emerging markets: We've got a deal for you

  • Internal Channel 9 Team Email Thread on Content Planning

    IMHO, It's better to have slow start and long live instead of fast start and fast death.

    I prefer you do not attempt to push everything you have to share in single day. It will be good if after 4-10 years C9 site will be active and filled with fresh content.

    You can simply keep things just like they are and slowly evolve into something bigger.

    Remember - even God have spend 7 days to create human. You need a lot of time to change World a little bit.