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  • Xamarin and C# Cloud Connected ​Cross-​Platform Mobile apps

    you guys really need to provide som tutorials for beginners on how to develop applicaiton using visual studio 2015, xamarin, C# etc. 


  • ASP.NET 5 & .NET Core (RC) announcement & Scott Hanselman demos

    Very nice presentation, 

    But would it be possible to get the source code from the demos?

  • 5. Integration with Visual Studio Online

    nice video, but what if you already have created an asp.net mvc web project, which you know want to put in visual studio online.

  • Visual Studio Tip: Working with Tabs

    Thanks very nice tips

  • Welcome to Choose to Code

    Very nice initiative.

  • Visual Studio 2015 RTM

    Immediate Window not supporting Lamda expression, that was about time :D

    A nice example you could have made was to show how to use Roslyn to change some code inside a class file and having the change show up in a browser without build. 

    A simple feature that would have been nice in VS 2015 is better tab management, meaning being able to colorize tabs and have them docked according to custom settings etc. 

    By the way where is the link for the asp.net 5 PrepOps project?


  • In the Code - Building the Cross-​Platform Mobile App

    Hi and thanks for this nice video.

    However I think there is just to much information I as a developer need to keep myself updated with, all the new technologies and the big and small improvements. It becomes even more difficult trying to learn and apply all the new things in a real life application.

    I'm a ASP:NET MVC developer and I would like to build a real life application using the Cross-Platform Mobile App. However this video (and the others at Channel 9) are not practical in order for me to start developing a real life cross platform mobile app.

    I would therefore suggest that Microsoft start releasing books every 6th month that shows how to make real life application from stracth using new and improved technologies, with all the bells and whistles. These books should accumulated all the new technologies and improvements from the last 6 months.

    I there is ofcourse wrox, apress and orielly etc. however these companies unfortunately do not release books so often, they always wait until the final version of a given technology is released which is too late, their books contains often the same old stuff, they are mostly directed towards beginners (even the professional series) and mostly they do not show how to build "advanced" real life application. So I really hope you will take this suggestion into consideration.

    Again thanks for your excellent work on building Cross-Platform Mobile App.



  • Quick Start Challenge: Python and MongoLab (MongoDB in the Cloud)

    The hands-on lab seems like a terrific idea. Please also provide hands-on labs for web, cortana and xamarin development videos.

  • A Lap Around Azure Websites: (01) Introduction to Azure Websites

    I really appreciate the series you have made here. However I just "discovered" this series by coincidence. It could be nice if it was possible to subscribe to topics like "azure web sites" "asp.net mvc". Maybe you could upload these series on youtube, making it much easier for us to get notifications when you create new videos within our fields of interests. 

    Anyway I hope you guys will continue making great series like this, especially now that we have visual studio 2015, vNext, EF7, MVC 6 etc.

    NB: Maybe you could also do series on mobile app developement, using apache cordova and also xamarin, both within vs15.


  • Developing Native iOS, Android, And Windows Apps In C# With Xamarin And Visual Studio 2015

    This was a nice intro, however I would very much have liked if you could give a full run down on how to create the application that was shown in the video. 

    You Guys are doing a lot of great stuff, however you need to put in some time to teach us how to use this stuff. I would very much like to be able to make application for iOS/Android/Windows in Xamarin and VS 2015, but the material is just not there or it is just way to difficult and time consuming to get started with.   

  • Cross-​Platform Mobile Development with Visual Studio

    Very nice 

    please do provide more "how to develop" videos.


  • Live Q&A with Scott Hanselman

    Hi Scott 

    Thanks for your time and effort.

    Would it be possible for you to update the "Nerd Dinner" tutorial to vNext version?

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