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  • Rx Workshop: Event Processing

    @Charles:OK, thanks. The ordering of the videos in the series' page is a little confusing Smiley what's even more confusing is that near the end of the video, when opening the solution for  the challenge, the folder says "Challenge 5: Complex Event Processing" Tongue Out


  • Rx Workshop: Event Processing


    This is the second video (after the introduction video) of the series, right? but I get the feeling that you're talking about things that I haven't seen in the first video (like when you said "if you did the last challenge you'll know where did that 'stock ticks' come from".) Maybe there's a problem with the ordering of the episodes.

    Thanks for the great series anyway Smiley

  • Rx Workshop: Introduction

    I've been thinking about taking a look at the Reactive Extensions for a while now. Having this in video format is pretty convenient for me. Thanks guys for the effort you put into this Wink

  • ASP.NET MVC 2: Basics, Introduction by Scott Hanselman

    Thank you three circles! now I understand MVC!!

    Ooups! I meant "thank you Scott" Wink

    Cool presentation, Good humour and Great content Smiley Keep it up man!