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  • Future directions for C# and Visual Basic

    So I'm sure Anders considered having the default for async calls be await without having to type the await keyword allowing for a smaller more concise format.  I know this would not work for backwards compatibility but it could be turned on with a project setting or something of the sort.  Then there would be a new keyword to use if you don't want to await.  I have spent only 2 second thinking of this so I'm sure there are all sorts of reason why this is a bad idea that I have not thought of yet but could so you speak on some of the decisions around the await keyword.  Thanks.

  • Checking In: Rick Molloy - Gone Native

    I really enjoyed this talk especially the part when discussing the differences in native and managed lambdas.  I do mostly managed development but I also do a lot of native and mixed mode (C++\CLI) development as well so I've had to become accustom to both styles.  Also are the latest C++0x lambda standards slightly different than the VSC++ version now?  I am a big fan of the managed syntax as it is very beautiful and I love it.  But after using the C++ lambdas, I am left wanting some way to override the default capture behavior in C#.  I would rarely use such a feature but it would be nice.  Thanks so much for the great video!!

  • Rx Workshop: Reactive Coincidence

    Hey what happened to the challenges.  They are showing up 404.  I was trying to dowload again.  Thanks.

  • Episode 53 - Scott Guthrie Discusses Windows Azure

    @philjay: I hope they use IObservable also.  That will be the best!!

    Also I heard Scott mention AMQP

    Please talk more about that.  That is very interesting.

    Any chance on also supporting XMPP (AMQP I like much better, just curious here)


  • C9 Lectures: Greg Meredith - Monadic Design Patterns for the Web 4 of 4

    Hey this was great.  What would this look like in F#?  Thanks.

  • GoingNative 0: Help us fly this plane, Some modern C++, Meet Ale Contenti

    I would love to see some information about boost

  • Rx Workshop: Reactive Coincidence

    I notied there is a bug when releasing the mouse button from outside of the window.  Here is a fix that will merge mouseUp and mouseLeave to accomplish the task.  What is normal UI guidance for drag and drop when going outside the window?  Thanks.

                var mouseLeave = from evt in Observable.FromEventPattern<MouseEventHandler, MouseEventArgs>(h => MouseLeave += h, h => MouseLeave -= h)
                                 select evt.EventArgs.GetPosition(this);
                var query = from start in mouseDown
                            join move in mouseMove.Buffer(2)
                            on mouseUp.Merge(mouseLeave) equals Observable.Empty<Unit>()
                            select Subtract(move.Last(), move.First());

  • Rx Workshop: Reactive Coincidence

    Alright here is a working query comprehension version

    var query = from start in mouseDown
                join move in mouseMove
                on mouseUp equals Observable.Empty<Unit>() into moveGroup
                let drag = moveGroup.Zip(moveGroup.Skip(1),
                    (prev, curr) => Subtract(curr, prev))
                from delta in drag
                select delta;

    Still curious if this could be cleaner.  Thanks.


  • Rx Workshop: Reactive Coincidence

    Here is what I came up with

                var query = Observable.Join(
                    _ => mouseUp, 
                    _ => Observable.Empty<Unit>(), 
                    (_, r) => r)
                    .Publish(evt => evt.Zip(evt.Skip(1), 
                        (previous, current) => Subtract(current, previous)));

    I am having difficulty translating this into query comprehension syntax.  Anyone figure that out?  Thanks.

  • Rx Workshop: Programming the Cloud

    |requires observer != null
    |ensures result != null
    public IDisposable Subscribe(IObserver<R> observer)
        var generateState = new GenerateState()
            condition = condition,
            current = initial,
            iterate = iterate,
            observer = observer,
            resultSelector = resultSelector,
        return scheduler.Schedule(generateState, (state, self) =>
            if (state.condition(state.current))
                var result = state.resultSelector(state.current);
                state.current = state.iterate(state.current);

    This is what I came up with.  It runs in AppDomainScheduler named scheduler.  I want to build one of these schedulers to send remote entity framework queries around to different machines using WCF underneath.  Is this possible?  Any good getting started guides?

    Also I run code contracts static checker and it complains that I might return null.  I tried a few things like returning Disposable.Empty if IDisposable returned from Schedule function is null but that failed also.  What is the correct behavior here to satisfy the contract.  Thanks so much.