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Adam Kinney AdamKinney Agent of Change
  • Context menus in Silverlight?

    Yes, you can create your own context menus in Silverlight 4 by handling the MouseRigthButtonDown/Up events.  Here's a tutorials showing how to build one: http://channel9.msdn.com/learn/courses/Silverlight4/ImageBrowser/ImageBrowser/Exercise-1--Getting-Started/

  • Holy crap! Can you say "low contrast"?

    Minh said:
    Dodo said:
    It's like no one bother to check their work... because with just ONE look, you can see it's a horrible clash

    My apologies for not checking my work.  Thanks for bringing it up. Smiley

  • Anyone working on a C9 themepack for Windows 7?

    Duncanma said:
    ZippyV said:
    Pretty sure I can't get the theme support in Windows 7 changed, but if you'd like to wait for that, then go for it.
    That's funny Smiley

  • ExitReality

    W3bbo said:
    HumanCompiler said:
    Has there been much effective use of WPFs "3D-centricity" or is it really just a bunch of apps using D3D to make them run faster... and an excuse to write pixelshaders?
    I don't think the British Library Turning the Pages application would be the same without 3D.  That's the first that comes to mind, that's not using 3D just for charts.  I'll try and think of others.

  • PDC Viral Video

    blowdart said:
    jason818_253.33 said:
    They could mean Adam; he has weird hair.
    Tongue Out

  • Spore

    I like the game and had a lot of fun yesterday playing it.  In the extra material in the galactic edition, they talk about how they had a lot of ideas in the design scheme but focused on keeping the gameplay not too complex to keep it more accessible.  I'd love to see a sequel that goes a bit deeper (like if I have two legs I should be able to go faster than someone with one).  If you like Civilization games, real-time strategy games you would probably enjoy it.  This is only speaking from my experience with the first three stages, I'm still in the Tribal stage.

  • New Show: Continuum

    stun said:


    Adam Kinney explores the world of the Microsoft Client Continuum. Follow along and learn more about WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, IE8 and Windows 7 from a design and developer perspective.
    I like the idea. Can't wait for Windows 7 videos.
    I'm looking forward to those videos myself Smiley

    Thanks for the nod, Charles!

  • How not to do Silverlight

    I've updated the site changing the rollover effect to a sliding, scaling highlight that should appear much smoother.  I moved the event handler from the underlying silverlight object up to the html div avoiding the windowless plugin differences.

    I've also updated the hover shapes on the starting image to match the screenshots below.  I changed from a solid brush to a gradient brush as well.  It doesn't look so much like a tracing sheet of paper on top of the image now.

    Tooltips are the list for next steps, but I need to run off and enjoy some Sunday-ness now Smiley

    EDIT:  If you've already viewed the site, you'll need to refresh the files to see the changes.

  • How not to do Silverlight

    RossJ:  The difference is due to differences in how the eventing is working in each browser in accordance with a windowless plug-in.  I'm changing the menu now to make it smoother in both browsers and to lose the odd hover behavior.

    vesuvius:  Regarding search, on this specific page there are only eight videos available and they are listed down the right side.  Therefore I don't think a search feature is necessary.

    I agree tooltips would be much better than no information on hover, rather than having to click on each one to learn about them.  This was pointed out by dshadle too (he also didn't like the current hover model), I just haven't added it yet.

    rhm: which os/version and version of FireFox are you on?

  • How not to do Silverlight

    Good suggestions on the losing the "knightrider" effect on the right menu and making it smoother.  I work on "getting my act together".

    I'll also fix the rollovers to be more exact.  Got to love the attention to detail Smiley