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Adam Kinney AdamKinney Agent of Change
  • c9 silverlight template for Expression Encoder

    There are some pretty recent posts from Tim Heuer covering custom templates, too.

  • Come Work on Our Team

    I think dahat should apply.  We could use some more life-size 9 guy costumes around here.

  • ms downloads with silverlight.

    Rowan: You're right SEO goes hand in hand with accessibility.  If a screen reader doesn't understand the content then neither will a web crawler.  The improvements I mentioned should aid with SEO as well.

    magicalclick: Yes, right-click is an often requested feature.  I'm hoping there will be some type of way to at least add to the context menu in the future.

  • ms downloads with silverlight.

    Silverlight 1.0 can be read by screen readers today by using the Accessibility object.  You can provide a title, description and a  handler for an action and an action description.  Similiar to how accessibility works with an <A> element today.

    Currently there is only application level of interaction and this will improve as the plug-in improves.  Today only the whole SIlverlight application can recieve focus or keyboard strokes.  Once you can TAB through seperate elements within the Silverlight DOM, then accessibility properties and interaction can be developed.

    So the good thing is screen readers won't have to be redesigned Smiley

  • Whoever is responsible for on10, im disappointed

    I would suggest posting on the video thread on the 10 site.  That would most likely get you the fastest response from them.

  • The Anti-Sticky

    Thanks Duncan! Smiley

  • Channel 9 videos need a "​dog" in one of the corners

    It would be a 5 minute job to add it to the silverlight player, but it would be better to encode it into the video.  As littleguru pointed out not everyone watches the videos within the browser.

    I like the idea and its something that is already done by the 10 team:

  • Silverlight.​..meh

    I agree, there are a lot of media-focused samples out right now.   A few others that have been released that are different include:

    The Podium '08 - an information aggregator
    ComponentOne Controls demo - a demo of upcoming controls
    Windows Vista Emulation - a lot of items loaded, but interesting to look at as far as possibilities go.

    Its a shame that the SQL 2008 demo didn't work out well for you, it play as a rather nice video brochure here.  I'm guessing it has to do with the availbility of the media itself.  You can find the path to the videos in the playlist xml, if you're interested in testing.

    I hadn't seen the Ch8 interview or heard of the Big Screen event, I'll take a look at those.

    Next week one of my sessions at REMIX Boston is focused on the idea that there is more you can do with Silverlight beyond building a better media player for WMVs.  About two-thirds of the talk is covering 1.0, so I'd be interested in getting your feedback.  Not sure I'll jave a video to share, but I will at least blog about the different samples and concepts.

    You do make a great point though, Silverlight is great way to learn XAML and WPF concepts.

    I agree, selection is sometimes tricky in the current showcase.  I look forward to an update.  I think it was orginally written to support one row of samples.  If anything you can click the small preview picture directly and skip clicking the "see it!" button.

    What version of Silverlight do you have installed?

    Yes the popup blocker can be quite sticky to work around.  Part of it has to do with the fact that its plugin asking to open a new window, another part has to do with how click new windows are requested and also the amount of code that is run before the new window request is made impacts the popup blocker's decision as well.

    I spent a fair bit of time investigating and its getting around popup blockers isn't really something the creators want you to do easily.  My idea is to only use new windows if you really need to.  Most people get the Back button concept and will come back to your site if its worth it.

  • Silverlight.​..meh

    Did you see the Showcase?  http://silverlight.net/showcase/

    The newest samples show up there.

  • Silverlight on C9

    For those of you running fullscreen with the high cpu usage, what is your screen resolution?