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  • What's New in Visual Basic 14

    ears twitch and I look around and announce, "Must go my people need me"

    queue Benny Hill theme.

    When the C# hits the fan, call the VB superhero coders.

    If you can bottle Lucian's excitement, you can just take my money.

  • TWC9: Two Geeks and a Baby

     String.Format Diagnostic now has support for both C# and

  • TWC9: Two Geeks and a Baby

    Could this be the birth of compile-time validation of method / constructor arguments?

    API Library + Diagnostics ;)

  • TWC9: Two Geeks and a Baby

    Is it only me who has spotted a output bug in the warnings listed? :}

  • TWC9: Two Geeks and a Baby

    Reason I wrote the diagnostic I spent way too much development time on a "bug" like this. Look for this type of error, but just couldn't spot it. The String.Format had two parameters and I was using {2}.  If I had this tool it wouldn't have compiled and run the code.

    Just to clarify that String.Format Diagnostic can only check it if the formatstring argument is statically knowable. So Const or String Literal. only.

    C# Implementation?  I do not think it be that hard to do, as in principal the could share the exact same code. Add in the extra attributes for C#

    ExportDiagnosticAnalyzer(DiagnosticAnalyzer.DiagnosticId, LanguageNames.VisualBasic)>
    Public Class DiagnosticAnalyzer
      Implements ISyntaxNodeAnalyzer(Of Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.VisualBasic.SyntaxKind)

    Implement the C# SyntaxKind.

    Also I'm not sure if the version of Roslyn I'm using is capable of support two target languages in the same diagnostic.

    Any one want to try it out in a fork?.

  • TWC9: VS2013.1 RC 1, ALM VM's, More *.1 RC's, Mads on Future of C# and more

    I would like to see the following features in next version of the .net languages, as well as an improved CLR.

    • Units Of Measure at the CLR level. Doubles and Integers.
    • - 64bit
    • - SIMD support
    • - GPUCPU support
    • - Tail Recursion Elimination.
    •   - With IDE suggestions for possible rewriting to enable it.
    • A way to pass the Iterator (or indicate) that the function is recursive, so reuse/share the existing iterator so you can Yield result on to it.. 
    •  - Eg IEnumerable over a Tree like data structures.
    • Extend XML Literals to so you can write XAML.
    •  - Could this be an Attribute that this is XAML not XML. 
    • Additional Literals
    • - Tuple Literals @{ "Hello World!", "A"c, 1.0, 12 }  ==> Tuple<String, Char, Double, Int>
    • - TypeSafe and Compile-Checking of String Interpolation @$("Name:- {.Name} Age { .Age } " )
    • - Complex Numbers   10i-2
    • - BigNumber   12344242244144..._Z
    • - BigDecimal   ...1223.23323232333..._R   (BigDecimal extends BigNumber into Real Numbers by remember where the decimal point should be, and takes it into account.)
    • - JSON Literal      JSON_{ "firstName": "John"}
    •   - LINQ to JSON
    • Inherited Constructors 
    • Remove the restriction on operators
    • - Extended the range of allowed characters or custom operators.
    • - eg mathematical symbols. 
    • - Ability to specify if Unitary Operator is PreFix or PostFix.
    • - Independant "Comparision" operators, so you don't requiring the complimenting op
    • - Interface Operators. 
    • Extended Generics 
    • - Isn't type 
    •   Eg Where T <> Integer 
    • -  To include Method Type Signatures. Implement Operators 
    •   Eg Implements 
    •          Operator +(  _  : T,  _ :  T ) : T
    •          Operator -( _ : T, _ : T ) : T
    •          ReadOnly Property Unit : T
    •          ReadOnly Property Zero : T
    •   Which would allow a form a generics for mathematics 
    •   Mathematics Attributes
    •   - Associativity
    •  - Etc
    • Additional Item Templates
    • - Exception
    • - EventArgs
    • VS code snippets into a toolbox, alongside the Editor window (since you can already drag and drop highlight code into one)
    • - I think it would be especially useful for the Express Editions, which tends to be less professional coders. It be more visible that it does have snippet / sample code.
  • TWC9: Paxton Caden Keller, DirectX game templates, C++, .NET Fiddle, Viasfora, 0 or 1 and homework...

    .Net does support "non-standard" array bounds. The following code creates an array with index bounds of -5 To +4. The method of doing it doesn't permit array indexer access though, you have use the SetValue and GetValue methods.

    Dim wierdArray = Array.CreateInstance(GetType(integer),{10},{-5})
    Dim lb =wierdArray.GetLowerBound(0) ' -5
    Dim ub = wierdArray.GetUpperBound(0) '+4

    .Net supports have "non-standard" array bounds


    LISP? Code <--> Data

    My conceptual idea of side-effects, is an effect that cause (either intentional or unintentional)  external effects to it surround environment and stimuli. Which leads to suggestion that it requires at least to thing to be interacting.

    Self Referential statements can result in flip-flop behaviour,

    If this program Ends Then GoTo Start

    In hardware this would a feedback loop. Some of the output effecting the input, will cause the state to either converge, diverge or oscillate, 

    Waves propagating through a medium can "side-effect" itself, the result is un-knowable with 100% certainty every has a non-zero probabilistic value of occurring .


  • TWC9: Visual Studio 2012 5.5 million downloads, VS2013 Virtual Launch, ScriptCS and more...

    Larry: Just stick some large googly eyes on the large black panel of the glasses, and a bandito mustache.

  • Ping 183: Self publishing to Xbox One, 97 year old painter, apps on WP, Nokia 1020




    Is she the one with hairy lip and that thinks she a comedian?

  • GoingNative 16: Garrett Serack - Inside NuGet for C++

    Viewers may experience occasional undefined behavior in the scheduling and distribution of the show. 

  • Ping 175: Wp app for Droids, Forbes Wifi, Next Xbox, Bing Offers


    Do you guys + girl know where I can get a drool guard for my keyboard?

  • Ping 175: Wp app for Droids, Forbes Wifi, Next Xbox, Bing Offers

    "Wha' eur theur on-a-baar? Berf de? Ya wer waggin' it wernt thy."

    Still waiting for the spelling and grammer checkers and voice dictation software understand a thick Barnsley accent. Or South Yorkshire where in the a short travel you can have as many as 7-8 dialects. Each with it's subtle difference in meanings.

    Breadcake vs Tea-Cafe or What a Fish Cake? is has been cause of many a fight. 


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