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Adam Speight Adam​Speight2008 The Bandito Coder
  • Sticky Language

    You could always use an import alias. The Explicit Line Continuation is needed in the following example, as its one of the place where Implicit Line Continuation leads to ambiguity. To separate the method parameters onto individual lines. Plus there is the single line IF Statement, and you don't need the brackets on the method call which takes no arguments. ByVal is the default so you don't them. If you turn off the pretty print mechanism you can also line them up. 

    Imports Dbgr=System.Diagnostics.Debugger
    Private Sub ScheduledAgent_UnhandledException _ 
    ( sender As Object,
           e As ApplicationUnhandledExceptionEventArgs
      If Dbgr.IsAttached Then Dbgr.Break
    End Sub

  • How are you using Tuple in code?

    @Dr Herbie: I'm sure you can return anonymous types, if the return type in the signature is T.

    Subsequent variables have to be typed T or var, the same goes for input parameters.

     But in practice it usually better to have a "concrete" type instead.

  • Did Windows 8 just kill my PSU?

    Do they sell piezo-electric keyboards? We'll solve the world's energy crisis.

  • To Infinity and Beyond

    It's a nipple.

  • To Infinity and Beyond

    @Blue Ink: (To me) its visual image used strongly reminds of the electronic schematics icon for a  speaker.  And that I need to turn the volume up.

  • Visual Studio Updates

    Could the lack of color in the Beta and RC just be a more extreme version of  WPF's Sketch Flow skin?

  • What's next with the .NET ​Microframew​ork?

    Add generics.

  • New C++ runtime library

    Since LINQ is a library of functions (incase of .net utilising IEnumerable and IEnumerator).

    How is different to learn a new library? @c_str 

     C and C++ is full of libraries developers have the potental to learn. 

    From a maintainability standpoint, the last two example @syspri provides are much simpler.

  • ClearType on Tablets

    Each pixel is in fact three sub pixels RGB, these are align horizontally. When turn vertical the there's no sub-pixels horizontally.  

  • Can someone check my math?

    Isn't it something like the following C#

    PointF B(double t,PointF P0, PointF P1, PointF P2, PointF P3)
      return New PointF(B(t, P0.X, P1.X, P2.X, P3.X),B(t, P0.Y, P1.Y, P2.Y, P3.Y))
    double B(double t,double P0, double P1,double P2, double P2)
      if( 0 <= t && t <= 1)
        double a = (1 - t);
        double b = 3 * a;
        return (a^3 * P0) + (b^2 * t * P1) + (b * t^2 * P2) + (t^3 * P3);
      } else
        throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("t");