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Adam Speight Adam​Speight2008 The Bandito Coder
  • Bad (as in terrible) software

    Misuse of the MessageBoxes, especially when it in a loop. Thunderbird is a pain for this, when its processing message filter. Plus a lack of information to fix it. Which message did fail to send? Which Filter? etc

    generate some form of report at the end with all the messages, or a some of come-back to list. 


    Another is Web-Pages that suddenly jump to content down the page, I'm reading that. Auto-activation of media should be banned, nothing worst then multiple ads shouting their wares at you.  My mouse has buttons, should I want to watch it I'll click.

  • Die Hard 5 - What should the tagline be?

    Die Hard 5: Yippe Ki Yay! Mother Forker!

    Die Hard 5: Retirement Day

    Die Hard 5: McClane vs McClain 

    Die Hard 5: The Musical


  • Windows Phone 8

    @magicalclick: I'm on about virii targeting NT itself not the OS personality on top of it.

    Plus WP8 apps are likely to be WinRT compatible, so they could target but the phone and the "desktop" feeding grounds. Unless there some magical sandbox technology Microsoft hasn't told use about. (Drawbridge?)

  • Windows Phone 8

    So longs it (WP8) doesn't prompt you for elevation to before letting you dial a number.

    Then again it minimise the number of drunk texting.


    Another thing doesn't that mean that the WP8 is susceptible to Windows (Desktop OS) virii & other nefarious coding ? If so where to the AV software fit? Carrier responsibility (Push based) or phone based?

  • Got an error installing the update to NuGet

    Run VS as Administrator, and the UnInstall option is available. 

    Uninstall -> Restart -> Install new version.

  • Fire Bad!

    It's part programming against hardware, adjust for minimum smoke.  Big Smile

  • Google's search has become a piece of poo

    Wthout the plus symbol the result was OR

    eg Apples Pears

    I'm looking for a page containing the word Apples or Pears (which also includes both)


    With the plus symbol the was AND

    eg +Apples +Pears

    I'm looking for a page containing both words Apples and Pears,  and exclude any page that has one one of them.


    Double quotes was for exact spelling, useful for when the word or phrase contains a space.


    eg "Starship Enterprise"

    So how do you now, do the different type of searches.

  • Is There an Afterlife?

    @spivonious: The different between Science and Religion, Science knows it doesn't it doesn't know everything, whereas Religion does; It's God Will / Plan / Design etc, etc.

  • Music made with single lines of C code

    Was this written by Richard MacDuff? (DNA reference for you @Charles)

  • Is There an Afterlife?

    @Charles: Deep Thought states itself it is the second greatest computer.