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  • Defrag Tools #108 - Sysinternals SysMon - Mark Russinovich

    Great tool. Already been using it but always nice to see the developers giving some detail about it. And more features on the way... good stuff!

  • Defrag Tools: #6 - RAMMap

    I have a question: you talked about Hyper-V and a vm starts and says to the memory manager hey get me a big part of your ram, and it needs to be continuous. This may work for a fixed memory vm, but what about dynamic memory?

    The startup memory block can be 1gb and later need a little bit more, and perhaps find that memory has been occupied by other vm's...



  • Defrag Tools: #8 - Mark Russinovich

    Great show! Great talk and always new stuff to learn.

    I have Windows Internals 5 and I need another book to make a pair. And a signed one that would perfection! Need to order Zero Day and Trojan Horse, because in Portugal, book stores don't have it or is waiting to get it. It is hard to get really good books. Oh, Windows Internals 5... I waited like 4 months or so to get it. Anyway, I have to order both it and just wait.

    Also, this is an awesome comment. It is awesome cause it has the word awesome at least 3 times and it says comment too.


  • How to Use the Web Platform Installer Command Line Tool with Chris Sfanos

    In Portugal 50, 100 or even 200 MBps is the standard internet speed. Those days of dial-up 56 are gone. But in USA there are many many low connections too.

    Great video, great options for caching. Thank you