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  • Styling Your First HTML5 Web Page with CSS3 - 03

    Just starting the 3rd video. I wanted to make sure that it's OK to open in Notepad ++ instead on Notepad.  I prefer the Notepad ++ because it gives line numbers, thereby making it easier to debug.  Thanks again for all your great videos!!

  • Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02

    @BobTabor.  What did you mean by a stray <!DOCTYPE>.  This was from the original txt file:

    <p>Each web page should declare which standard it has promised to adhere to.  This is called a DOCTYPE, and it is the reason that we typed this:<br>
    <!DOCTYPE html>

  • Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02


    Thanks for the speedy response. Trying to figure out where the stray !DOCTYPE is. I don't have line numbers L.   Another quick point I'd like to bring up. I think it would be extremely helpful if there was a summary page at the end of the video tutorials specifying what we should have learnt at the end of the module. I bring this up because there are a lot of instances where you say: "Don't worry about this ( Eg: charsets). We'll learn that later." At the end, I would like to know what I should have grasped by watching the tutorial, prior to proceeding to the next one. Eg: After watching this module, you should know what the HTML syntax is for creating a paragraph, an ordered list, a break, how to import images and how to add the captions...etc. This would help in cementing the info we just acquired, and if we didn't get those concepts in the summary, we'll know we have to go back and redo the exercises.

  • Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02


        I just emailed you the HTML file.  I figured out the solution to an earlier problem I had previously posted regarding the caption not showing up.  The error, surprisingly, wasn't with the caption, but in the syntax for importing the image. Instead of ...Message"> I had ....Message:>

  • Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02

    For some reason, everything from 'What are Domain Names' to 'The Purpose for Standard Groups' is in bold and a slightly larger font.  I have been unable to find the reason.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

    PS: When I tried to paste the code, I cannot post it.  I get a message stating: "This comment appears to be spam and has been rejected."



  • Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02

    The figure caption did not display. In fact, the whole figcaption sentence was not displayed.

    <figcaption>Figure 1. The HTTP Request and Response messages contains

    important information that allows communication back and forth between the

    client and the server.</figcaption>

  • Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page - 02

    I cannot figure out why, when I open the Lesson02 in Chrome, it doesn't display the title in the tab. The tab displays:"Lesson02.html".  Any suggestions?

      <meta charset="utf-8">
      <title>HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals</title>

    Another question: Does spacing matter in HTML5?  IE:



    <meta charset.....>



                    <meta charset....>

    UPDATE:  I tried it on Firefox and I was able to see the title in the tab. Yaaay!!  Just made it my default browser.