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    @Charles: Obviously I did not mean to imply that Joe's reply posted above was scripted, since he had not yet written it when I posed my question to you.  My question was directed to your implied request for me to speak my mind respectfully.  I explained why I spoke tersely and posed a rhetorical question to you.  I believe MS and all thise invloved with WP7 are and have been aware of the frustration brewing among some of the most dedicated WP7 owners.  If they are aware of the situation and know the answers to the questions that we have but, instead, put spokespeople like Eric Hautala to the podium to either ignore or side-step our questions--all the while pretending that they are answering the questions--that is disrespectful.  There is no way argue otherwise.  

    I was happy to read Joe's reply and felt better hearing from him.  His enthusiasm won me over early and I hope he is sincere in his response and will push this all in the right direction, as best one man can.  He and others have put a lot of work into this platform and I don't think any of us want to see it fail. 

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    @holisticdetective: Thank you for the thoughtful post.

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    @Charles: I am not sure how informed you are as to the mess that is fast becoming WP7.  If you are not, then a casual cruise to the WP7 blog, comments section, will make it very clear.  If you could follow the history of everything I've written (private e-mails, comments sections, etc.) in response to this issue, you would see that I started very polite and, as the months have dragged on and MS has continued to skirt around people's complaints, I have grown more terse in my commentary.  Unfortunately, this is natural.  May I ask you a question?  If MS and Joe know that there are huge problems at play and we the consumers/supporters are demanding questions but they, instead, continue to either ignore us or give us carefullly crafted PR scripts to read through, are they being respectful to us and our time?

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    Joe, check your inbox.  You know the update is not going well, that communication from MS regarding the issue is terrible, and that the people who care most about the product are angry.  Do something about it.