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  • WR Series: Introduction to developing World Ready Applications

    HI ksy, thans for the sugestion. As soon as we figure out the best place to publish our materials, we will add the link to the original post. I am not sure if it will be a PDF or a PowerPoint, though.

  • WR Series: Introduction to developing World Ready Applications

    Hi Patricks, thanks for the suggestion. We are definitely planning to publish several videos on the topic, starting with the more general ones and going deeper. In one (or more) of the episodes we will certainly talk about what's been added or has changed in .Net and Windows 7 ... 

  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    great device, platform and, most likely, also great experience. can you do all (or most) of what you show above with 1 finger only? (I think so, but just double checking)


    3 notes:

    - the filters would seem to have a better place at the bottom of the screen (e.g. closer to where my thumb is Smiley), although you can probably scroll horizontally without needing to reach the filters' names up top.

    - at times it almost feels like the UI is too packed with details (e.g. the calendar "all day" view) - maybe there were just too many meetings in that day ...

    - a wild guess: recognition of phone numbers and addresses are for us-only ?