This video inspired me to download Sparkle and play with it a bit. I attempted to create a simple project where a main company logo pops up and upon a click the other 5 smaller logos come out of the main one. Simple, yet I encountered one error that I can't seem to work around. Once I add a timeline for at least one logo I can't open my project in Design mode in VS2005. VS2005 complains with the following message:

A value of type 'String' cannot be added to a collection or dictionary of type {1}

where {1} is  either  Point3DCollection, Vector3DCollection or PointCollection.

I'm sure I'm not the first one who seen that error, so can someone please suggest a workaround?

Btw, the project is compiling and running without a problem in both Sparkle and VS2005, only Design mode in VS2005 isn't happy.

Version info:
   VS2005 - 8.0.50727.363 (SP.050727-3600)
   Sparkle -  September 2006 CTP, 0.1.2665.0