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  • ASP.NET Monsters #48: Configuring Entity Framework

    Anyway I can place entity framework core in a class library file? Then reference it in other front end projects like or others.

  • Day 2 Keynote

    FREE SSL!!!!!

  • Ping 200: The Show 200 Spectacular!

    Requesting Bob Tabor from Visual Studio.NET and Scott Hanselman

  • Charise Flynn COO of Dwolla

    Dwolla nice!  Subscribing now.

  • Microsoft ASP.NET, Web, and Cloud Tools Preview


  • The Katana Project - OWIN for ASP.NET

    @Howard Dierking what type of Ultrabook are you using?

  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    Awesome!!!  Thank you Channel 9!!! Thank you Bob!!

  • Entity Framework Tips and Tricks

    Anytime!  I am super affordable...all I ask for is 5 Entity Framework answers to any future problems I may come across in 1 year.   Cool

  • Entity Framework Tips and Tricks

    WOW!! Robert you delivered an awesome DIAMOND!!!  Julie Lerman has made my learning curve of Entity Framework SO MUCH SHORTER!!  Thank you Julie and please come often!!!  LOVE YOUR PLURALSIGHT COURSES!!

  • Ping 161: Scroogled, Xbox sales, Windows Store wins, IE 10 trolls

    @Duncanma: Thanks for the reply.  My comments were based on what I have heard others say in the past in regards to Channel 9 videos.  I mentioned Silverlight because that is one of the primary reasons why the site had been blocked in my workplace a while back(I will bring up HTML 5 capability on our next meeting and see if they open it up again)  I love Microsoft, it allowed me to have the career have today, but like anything....there is always room for improvement....and there is always that web developer out there that is a critic Cool, not necessarily because he/she dislikes Microsoft, but because they care about the community and they see great potential in Microsoft.

    @Duncanma, thank you for all you do for us, am sure you don't get many kudus/credit for all the work you put into Channel 9. Please let us know when Channel 9 is more mobile friendly.

    Take care Big Smile



  • Ping 161: Scroogled, Xbox sales, Windows Store wins, IE 10 trolls

    My thoughts on Paul VS Dan on  View Numbers/Viewer Comment Posts on the PING Show:

    In order to leave a comment you have to create an account and then you have to log in.  If you have a live account and are running Windows 8, you click on sign in and you are done.  However, if you don't you have establish one etc etc etc.....

    When I get home from work I want to see what I missed during the day because I was in my cave at work crunching .NET Code building intranet sites and not allowed to ping Channel 9 cause of company firewall.  My brain is set on SCAN mode looking for things that interest me, but I am honestly not in the mood to argue or say "HEY GREAT Video"....whatever..(except today  Cool ). I take the knowledge and move on. 

    So here is an idea????!!??!?!

    Enable OAuth/OpenID Support


    This is what I don't understand.  Microsoft is such a great company that  innovates and creates these awesome technologies like ASP.NET, and all these Web Tools.  So how about you guys freaking use them???  I mean....Channel 9 looks okay, but come ON!!! You guys could do sooooo much better!!!! Get rid of Silverlight as the primary video delivery vehicle and make it HTML 5, you could still give options to render in other plugins, flash, SIlverlight...whatever, but try to catch the generic audience who is immediately turned off if they hit channel 9 site for the first time and they get some message about them needing some plugin called Silverlight?!!?!ll  Silverwhat?!?!?!


    Last thing...PLEASE MAKE YOUR SITE MOBILE FRIENDLY, please check this out: Scott Hanselman

    I love Microsoft, but come one.....someone told me the SLEEPING GIANT is awakening.....with all these advances by Apple and Google and rumors of slow PC growth etc etc....but I say "Take a Gallon of 5 -HOUR Energy....apply SCRUM or AGILE and WAKE THE F$&#@ already!!!  Let's GO!!!

    This post is not intended to pick on the Ping show or Channel 9, I think you guys provide a great service, but I believe you can do 10 times better in the way you deliver the content...For crying out guys are Microsoft!!!!   I am posting these comments as a person who uses Microsoft Technologies, a .NET C# ASP.NET MVC developer who has taken 15-20 minutes of his precious time to give you my side of the story and how I see things. Break the chains that bind you and UNLEASH THAT GREAT POTENTIAL!!



  • Test of Terror: A Channel 9 Halloween Bedtime Story