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48yr old former IT Duder (Security, Infrastructure) - non-Microsoftie - joined Ch9 in 2005 under a different account - watching Scoble C9 vids, asking ppl "...and who are YOU?"


  • DirectX 12: Multiadapter Unreal Engine 4

    August 2015. Win 10 is out. Still waiting for this "experimental technique called heterogeneous multiadapter" to hit my rigs.

    Btw, previously it was called "Dedicated PhysX card" - not that experimental, is it? Still a great feature, to have those 'old', still powerful, graphic cards doing something besides collecting dust.

  • Platform for Metro style apps

    thanks guys. I guessed it was HTML5 (confirmed, by looking at page info)

    "How come I can't stream this full screeen? Am I missing something? (Thanks)"

    No, you can't watch it in full screen, welcome to HTML5 Wink

    ... but fullscreen still works (sorta) - just upscale the page (ctrl and+) so far, that it fills your screen?

    haha Big Smile

  • Platform for Metro style apps

    watching this on Win8 dev build - played around with it today. very (positively) surprised.

    btw, what's up with video fullscreen mode? (I know, I can download the vids) Where is the fullscreen button??

    Like the video player speed setting option. How do you access that with touchy fingers?

  • Building Xbox LIVE games for Windows 8

    First of all: what ever happened to the "Games for Windows" initiative of putting a focus on PC Games? All became a marketing stunt, without any technological improvements for PC Gaming. 

    You left 'us' out in the cold for the last couple years. No, neither Win7 nor DX11 changed that.

    I see the business and entertainment value for XBL on Windows 8 ... if it cannot run Steam or a Webbrowser (Facebook, Browsergames, Chrome Games, ...). Yes. Competition is hard. So, you have to have "your" platform polished right out of the gate?

    Building layers of complexity on top of an already s**-load of piles of layers of complexity on PC's makes developing games even harder? Dozen of frameworks* and middleware libraries trying to compete with cpu and i/o cycles, all in the hope, it will scale on (future) manycores - yet, how many games 'really' scale on quadcores (or more?)??

    *) Why do I have to download the XNA framework - as a consumer - to play Bastion on PC? Why is there no back-end solution? Every game comes with it's on flavor of DX dlls and VC library versions, on top of all the WinOS layers and drivers, competing with background services nobody needs while 'gaming'??!

    The 'future of gaming' probably is happening on smart-phones/tablets right now, anyway. But if the "living-room media-center experience" can offer more than just Avatar 3D and Wii-clones (granted Kinect IS great technology) than having something to 'show off' - more than just in-game Twitter-style Notifications -  wouldn't be bad? I guess, I am asking, where is the next Alex St. John? Craig Eisler? Eric Engstrom?