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  • Using the Windows Runtime from C++

    Herb, is it true that WinRT applications will only be accessible through the Windows Store?


  • Using the Windows Runtime from C++

    Hello Herb,

    > virtually all of your code should continue to be written in portable ISO Standard C++, including the many C++11 features in VS2010 and VS11

    I believe you misspelled "GCC".  The VC++11 compliance status is underwhelming (except for concurrency support, which is a welcome exception).

    > I don't have a specific estimate, but we are taking stock of this again and what's especially interesting is features that are low-cost (low-hanging fruit like final) and/or high-value (including features with lots of customer requests like variadic templates). Of course, we want them all, but everyone wants to see the "good parts" sooner so this comment is only about in what order to implement C++ features, not about which ones to implement.

    Having a target date is important, as it shows commitment.  We all understand that schedules can slip but saying that you plan to be feature-complete by 201X will restore confidence.

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