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  • Microsoft Help Viewer - New Help System in Visual Studio 2010

    Ok, so they already knew that everybody wanted back their index, but still they pushed people into searching ... gr8 ... NOT. Searching is a waste of time when you already know what you are looking for. Why did they remove the most used feature of dexplore and replaced it with a crappy guess function (searching is just guessing)?


    Luckily they can add it at a later stage,.. but most of the time this means 'never' because of the idea that: "people will get used to this mediocre interface and eventually will give up complaining".


  • VSX104: Visual Studio 2010: Microsoft Help System

    The new VS 2010 help system threw us 20 years back in time. I cannot think of a help system that sucked more than this one... maybe Delphi for Windows 3.1 had an even worse help system. Maybe the architecture and the Agent is great, but the off-line interface sucks big-time. IE and Chrome are not great help viewers and removing the index was a very bad idea.

    Microsoft had the best in the market, MSDN Library. It only lacked auto update and maybe integration with the search function in the Vista and Win7 start menu. Now they have a help system that is as bad as the systems Apple and Appache provide.


    Luckily there are (a lot of) people that are equally dissatisfied with the new help system and build H3Viewer. Hopefully they can manage to integrate it into VS2010. 

    Visual Studio 2010 is a great product, but when I talk to other developers the second thing they say about VS2010 is: "... but the new help system sucks"



    Great job,.. NOT