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  • Make your product manageable

    I am sorry if this note is placed for wrong place, but I could not find any better suitable place.

    I watched this Build conference video and I was NOT actually surprised to learn that there hasn't been too much interest by developer to WMI.

    The speaker mention that developers get cold when it comes to native C++ which is required to develop a WMI/WMF/CIM based components.

    I looked these videos and I am truly intrested in to develop and use them when I would need to integrate application management infrastructure as part of integrated solution which spans in multiple windows servers / desktops.

    I believe this "developers getting cold" is not whole truth but rather lack of information made available for developers, or at least not in my case or cases I or my colleagues have been working.

    Demo presenter says that these will be made available in download as we speak. However, there is a very little information anywhere I search for these.  

    I still don't find CIM Provider template for VS, neither by use of VS2010 Ultimate / VS11 Develop Preview (not express).

    I downloaded WINDOWS MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK 3.0 CTP1 RELEASE, which you cannot install into Windows 8 x64, neither any of the components can be used in VS11 Developer Preview.

    Build was for Windows 8, fair enough, I saw that presenter where using VS2010 and I were able to install these components to Windows 7 / VS2010 Ultimate(s). Again cannot find anywhere the CIM templates neither more information in Channel9, MSDN, MSND Downloads, TechNet, or Microsoft Downloads.

    I could not even find the forum for WMI / WMF / CIM Stuff. Now after two days of searching I find it hard to keep up the motivation to resolve this lack of information, even though videos were promising.

    Any links for futher resources would rescue my hope. Wink


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    This is great webcast, thanks for sharing. Hope to see this topic more detailed in follow up webcasts or articles. Cool

  • VSX105: Realize Business ​Opportuniti​es with Visual Studio 2010

    This is a great screen cast, and the way Jeff drives it makes it so easy and pleasure to watch. I have been looking for this type of briefing for a long time. MSND partner site should have much more this type of content with more details…  Again great stuff Jeff…